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Just Ask Mia

The Personal Family-Support Chatbot That’s More Like a Trusted Friend

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Mia’s here to help!

When families are facing a crisis, the worry, stress and fear they experience often take them further off track. They need a trusted resource they can count on to point them in the right direction—one that’s always there when they need it and is completely anonymous. That’s Mia.
When hardships arise, Mia connects families searching for help with the resources and services they need.

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Mia makes it easy to find quality resources.

It’s quick, simple and secure. Whatever Mia helps with, she keeps to herself. With anonymity, Mia assesses what an individual or family might need in terms of food, clothing, cell phone assistance and any available services in their area. Then, Mia shares only high-quality providers who offer specific services and resources matching their request(s).

Mia helps decrease the number of families in crisis by:

  • Increasing connections to needed family resources
  • Freeing up time for connections with live-person case management at existing resources
  • Identifying additional needs a family might have and proactively connecting them to resources

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Help support families with Mia’s outreach toolkit.

Mia’s toolkit includes social media images, flyers and other helpful downloadable materials that can be customized for your own direct outreach awareness campaigns

A special thanks to our partners:

We’re truly thankful to everyone who helps ensure families can access resources and services in their times of need. Valley Leadership’s Impact Maker, in partnership with Together for Arizona, 211, Solari, and many other partners, has developed Mia, an anonymous and secure AI solution to help families receive the information they need during times of hardship.